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Why Axe Throwing??

Tomahawks, hatchets, axes... From the Celts of Western Europe to the Vikings of Scandinavia to the Frontiersmen of the New World, these have been the weapons of choice of many warriors. One of the oldest tools in human history, the axe is steeped in legend, myth, and lore. Peasants, knights, barbarians, and chieftains have wielded it for its might. And when they got bored?... They threw them! For practice, competition, and yes - even fun! 


Today, we like to think of it as upholding a tradition. The tradition of warriors - Vikings, Explorers, and Nobles alike. 


Here at Iron Axe, we use this most ancient and revered of tools to bring us closer through the spirit of competition and fun (and maybe a little trash talking).  


We frequently get asked, “what made you want to start an axe throwing business?”. We wanted to open a place where kids, 30-somethings, grandparents, and college students alike could come and have a great time doing something unique, entertaining, and even therapeutic - seriously, it feels REALLY good! After doing some initial research, we dove in head first and we haven’t looked back. It’s been a blast! Watching you come in, laugh, fist bump your friends, and leave with a smile is what it’s all about. We want to thank YOU, our amazing community for your support and helping us make this happen. 

Thank you!


Jeff, Jason, Ryan


Who Are We?


Jason Beach

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Jeff Barney

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Ryan Anderson

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